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Mean girl culture is out.




Our goal is to unite the local hair community- working together + relating with what most would call our "competition."

We believe, sharing knowledge + support with our fellow stylists will only elevate the entire industry!

We want to help break stigmas about the Beauty Industry AND within it. 

You are not  JUST a Hairstylist.

We do not  JUST do hair.

We create. We navigate.

We formulate. We communicate. 

We are Artists-- our knowledge, talents + time are worthy of adequate compensation + RESPECT.  


If we want respect,

we have to start with ourselves first. 

Respecting Our Businesses.

Our health. Our boundaries. 

Respecting each other. 

 Let's make a change. Let's work together.

We all have something different

to bring to the table.

Let's share our knowledge + experiences. Successes + failures.  

Help us build a team.

Let's put an end to Mean Girl Culture.

You CAN sit with us! 

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