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Ruby, Jons grandma, opened the salon in 1957! Vintage salon vibes & so much character! Ruby was a Polio survivor, Breast Cancer survivor and grew up during the Great Depression. She at one time had 4 different salons in the area, all named Ruby's. She was a female force of nature- and that same energy still fills the salon to this day!

Located in Downtown Troy, Ohio
at Ruby's Beauty Salon


Together, Jonny + Ali now run
Ruby's Beauty Salon,
leading a small 
team of stylists!

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I grew up in Vandalia OH, where I spent most of my time at my dance studio. Ive been dancing + choreographing for 25 years - An art form that I love + has shaped me. In high school I loved art classes + enrolled in as many as I could. I knew college would not be for me, but Hair School wasn't exactly a celebrated choice in the eyes of others. I always felt like I needed to justify my career choice + sought validation. After graduating from Aveda Columbus in 2011, I started a year long apprenticeship at Charles Penzone (where I met Jonny as a co-worker) and then first began my journey behind the chair.

I’ve been around mean girls in the hair industry, worked with them, even been one at times. I’ll NEVER forget how that felt. I stayed in a negative, anxious rut of constant comparison + confidence issues for too many years. It wasn’t untill I attended an Independent Education class, just like this, where I met other like-minded Stylists who were passionate + honest + kind— that I realized I too, could be all of those things. That class truly jump-started my confidence, and in turn, my career. So now I feel this duty + desire to share that same energy with other stylists. With YOU!


I don’t claim to have it all figured out.

But what I know for sure —

I am so much happier, inspired + empowered,

sitting with the Nice Girls.

  • Oligopro Sponsored Artist

  • Level 2 -NBR Certified

  • Bellami Certified

  • Educator w. J Ladner Education

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I’m Jonny Wright! I grew up in my grandma's salon in Troy Ohio, started vocational beauty school in 2008 & was licensed in 2010. After graduating from Aveda Frederic's Cincinnati in 2011, I went on to apprentice for a year at Charles Penzone. Four years later, I started working behind the chair. Fast forward a few & I now run my grandma’s salon, Ruby’s Beauty Salon est in 1957. Honestly, I was peer pressured into hair. I hated school, so I rebelled. I wanted to go to art school & be a painter. Luckily, a friend of mine saw potential in me. Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

Hair color is what makes my heart sing, specifically the balance of artistry and science in the industry. The impact and positive influence we have on people is why I do it. I’m a pretty anxious and introverted person and working in the beauty industry is the first time I have felt like I belonged somewhere. I am where I am today as a result of local education, finding a mentor + a tribe. If you surround yourself with passionate, educated, hardworking, and heartfelt stylists in your area, you will grow and blossom to a limitless potential.

  • Oligopro Sponsored Artist

  • Level 2 -NBR Certified

  • Educator w. J Ladner Education

Lead Stylist: Frederic Aspiras - Haus Of Gaga

We spent 1 day at Warner Brothers Studios prepping Wigs + Models. Followed by 2 days in the dessert on set with the hair + makeup teams.

By far the coolest opportunity/experience of our careers thus far! :)

In January of 2020, Jonny + Ali assisted J Ladner,
one of the 4 Key Artists on set for the

music video "Stupid Love" by Lady Gaga!

Take a peek!

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